Game Drives


Game drives allow you to get up close and personal with wildlife and the nature and are really the essence of a safari. Every day on safari provides you with a unique set of experiences and feelings, no day is the same. Due to the unique locations of our lodges, luckily our game drives are largely a private affair, as in our conservancies there are no other vehicles.

At any Secluded Africa lodge, from your arrival, until your departure, you will have your own private vehicle, guide and spotter to help you explore the incredible wilderness. Together you can plan your days and make the most of your time. So, whether you want to be out for a few hours or for the whole day with a picnic breakfast, picnic lunch and sundowners, we are happy to oblige.

Thanks to an incredible team of guides and spotters, we are happy to find our own game and work our own areas staying away from the crowds. Our game drive vehicles are specially designed and built to give you the best game viewing experience and comfort while on game drives. Fridges, winches, camera stands, inverters and electric charging sockets, upgraded suspensions are just some of the features in our open game viewing vehicles.

Bush Walks


A properly guided bush walk is the best way to experience nature and the sights, sounds and smells of the bush. Walking with an armed guide can provide a thrilling experience and there is something very uplifting approaching wildlife on foot.

Apart from this, walking allows you the chance to see and learn about all the little things in the bush, such as medicinal plants, tracks and spoor, the insects and their whole symbiosis with nature and the world. Let your senses come alive.


Family Safaris


At Secluded Africa we love having kids on safari. Children of all ages make fantastic safari goers. Like little sponges, they absorb all information and learn so quickly. Their enthusiasm and excitement in their experience, whether it is a lion on the hunt, chasing butterflies across the savannah or making friends at a local school or village or even spending an afternoon with the maasai warriors learning bush skills such as how to make a fire from two pieces of wood.

Our guides are happy to patiently answer the endless questions that come from the little explorers and to teach them secrets of the bush.

At all our properties, we offer spacious family suites, which are custom built to host families. Baby cots are also available. On request nannies can be provided to allow the adults to also have some relaxed time.



We all know what romantic means. It’s being somewhere, with someone, in a setting which makes your heart flutter a little more than usual. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a honeymoon, or a special occasion. Romance is experiencing something magical together. It is safe to say that a safari experience exudes romance – almost every aspect of your day ticks a multitude of romantic boxes.

Be it star gazing on the sundowner hill at Instinct of The Mara, taking a picnic lunch and heading out in the bush – with only nature in sight, a campfire romance with a colourful sunset over Mt. Kilimanjaro at Kipalo Hills or a private candlelit dinner on a secluded beach with the gentle rustle of palm trees and waves of the Indian Ocean as background music – we have got you covered.


Food & Dining


At Secluded Africa lodges, our philosophy is always tasty, healthy, home cooked meals, carefully prepared and proudly served by our wonderful chefs. At Cardamom House, it is more about culinary arts and journeys of discovery for your taste buds. All our kitchens are well established to deal with a variety of dietary requirements: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, to name but a few. Everywhere great care is taken to make the best use of fresh local ingredients.

Choose from one of our various dining spots – whether on a private terrace of your accommodation, in the mess tent, by the pool overlooking the well-frequented waterhole in Kipalo, in the middle of the bush, on the banks of a river or at a fireplace.  At Cardamom House, you are spoilt for choice with more than 14 idyllic dining spots.

Sundowner Spots


One of the founders once said “All you need is a sunset and gin!” How do you like your sundowners? For us it’s a roaring fire, gently roasting a lamb leg, cold beers and gin and tonics.

At Secluded Africa, the great safari tradition of sundowners is part of our daily ritual. Whether out of the back of a safari jeep on your way back to camp or on a spectacular hill or up the side of a rock, natures master-piece painted across the horizon as the sun bids fairwell for the day, leaving behind a stunning tepastry of colours, it is duly celebrated.

Winston Churchill once said Gin and Tonic saved more lives and sanity of more Englishmen than all the doctors in the empire. Today the sundowner on safari is indispensable.



Kenya is the home and the origin of “Safari”. The adventure and the wildlife of the original safari is second to none. At Secluded Africa, we maintain all the old traditions and aspects of wildlife safaris.

The rolling hills and open savannah of the Maasai Mara – Serengeti eco-system provides probably the best game-viewing experience in the world. It is actually possible to spot all the Big 5 in a single day and is host to the famous wildebeest migration. One of the greatest natural spectacles of our planet, in which about 1.5 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebras migrate in an uninterrupted cycle through the Serengeti and Maasai Mara.