Cardamom House

Kuruwitu Beach, Vipingo

On a piece of wild untamed land fringed by the sea in the east and a jungle in the west stood a quaint old house with a few outbuildings. She was picturesque! Surrounded by beautiful old trees whose roots hug the soil and branches create a canopy of shade. We loved her – all who visited her loved her and the land too, however she was in need of some tender love and care (TLC).

And so, began the caring processes of renovation, deconstruction and construction of both buildings and land.

Finding the right architect who could partner with us on this journey was key. It was essential that the philosophy of what we wanted to pursue – that of development that takes the natural elements of the environment into consideration including maintaining as much of the characteristics of the lands natural textures, shapes and forms and ofcourse the beautiful old trees!

We were very lucky when we met Ahmed, a young architect from Lamu who had studied architecture in Germany and had a profound passion for all things Swahili and the coast who “got it”. He lives 3 to 4 days on site – sourcing creativity from the elements, shapes and forms.

Living this ethos, on a daily basis has been an exciting challenge – there was a master plan, but each day there were reviews & edits, inspirational “wows” and pushing boundaries as form and shapes were constructed and occasionally deconstructed.
It has been a daily work in progress, “dreaming on the job”.

Cardamom House, finally opened its doors this year offering a unique coastal lodge with 9 rooms, all with a spectacular sea view, a pool built into the coral and much more….

At Cardamom House…. When you awake your eyes open to the sea and thus begins a new day…..

We look forward to hosting you!

….as we say in Swahili – Karibu!

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