Rooms & Suites

The Hunter

In the midst of the long grassland comes the hunter perched up on a vantage point. Patiently his eyes gaze over the savanna looking, listening, and waiting for the perfect moment…Welcome to The Hunter’s perch, the home of true African adventure.

The Adventurer

Let us step into the starry nights and pursue that fearless experience of the outdoors.

The Artist

Inspired by the greatest art of all, mother nature, the “Artist’’ offers a scenic surrounding with a magnificent landscape. A picturesque paradise where colours, sounds and pictures come alive. Let your creativity run wild.

The Bird Watcher

Waking up to the crescendo of whistling birds from a tastefully designed “Bird Watchers Nest” that offers spectacular views of a large variety of African bird species. A true bird watchers paradise awaits you.

The Moran

The residence is designed using local materials and inspiration from Maasai. Welcome to the “Moran”, a place where a real warrior lives.


Secluded Africa Offices
Convent Road, Nairobi - Kenya


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