Rooms & Suites

Anasa Honeymoon Suite

Anasa is a two-floor suite. Both rooms have double beds with en-suite bathrooms. There is also a bar area and private verandah. Easy access to the beach, the top mess area and the swimming pool. Anasa has views of the Tana Delta AND the Indian Ocean.

Semikaro Room

Semikaro’s entrance walks directly into the bedroom area. Step up to the double bed area. There is a seating area overlooking the river mouth. The level below boasts the shower ensuite area overlooking both the forest and the river.

Kipini Room

Kipini has views of the river on one side and the full view of the ocean and the valley. It has 2 levels. Upon entrance you find the bedroom and seating area while the shower area is located in the level below.

Golbanti Room

Golbanti’s entrance has a day bed, a step up is the bedroom area. Step down to the ensuite shower area. The room enjoys views of the forest area.

Kulungu Room

Kulungu is located in the valley area with views of the ocean and a glimpse of the river. The entrance walks in the bedroom area, up the steps is the sunbed area and below is the shower area.

Ozi Family Room

Ozi has 2 level rooms. Room entrance is accessed from the main walkway and the poolside. There is a room with 2 single and double bedroom separated by the shower area all situated downstairs. The upper level has a sunbed and seating area. Ozi enoys views of the valley and the river.


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