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Secluded Africa Conservation Trust

Our core pillars are focused on Wildlife and Nature Conservation, Culture and Communities:


All our properties are within private conservancies. Meaning, exclusive experiences all the way. We deeply encourage our guests to engage in our conservation work, anti-poaching and community efforts so that they understand the difference between a conservancy and national park, what conservation means, where their conservation fees go, the reality on the ground and hopefully leave as family and true advocates of wildlife and nature conservation.


Cultural education and exposure is important to us. Kenya is a colourful country with 43 tribes, yet only 2 are well known, one could even say, exploited. With our lodges in Kenya, you are able to engage with at least 4 tribes – Pokomo, Orma, Taita and Maasai tribes.


Communities are part of every conservancy and lodge. They are shareholders, managers, waiters, rangers and part of every cog in the wheel that it takes to run a lodge and conservancy. Each of them have been trained and their children are being put through school as part of being a Secluded Africa team and family member.

We host volunteers from around the world who take part in every facet of our conservation efforts. From anti-poaching patrols to teaching kids mathematics at the local schools.

In order to better protect wildlife and improve the local environment in Kenya, we launched the “Secluded Africa Conservation Trust” at the end of 2017. SACT is therefore a charity foundation dedicated to the promotion of environmental protection, improvement, and conservation for the benefit of the communities living around the conservancy. In addition, the projects are also directed wholly towards the promotion of the advancement of education of the underprivileged children of East Africa.

Conservation at work